Data obtained through Georadar must be read properly. With the use of the filters and own experience, the operator is able to well interpret georadar's data.

GPR data interpretation


Examining the prism. We ask question, whether or not, the besieged object is a bunker. At first the topography is corrected.

GPR data interpretation


Once the prism shape is charted, we can 'look inside'. The visible reflection comes from another kind of medum - bunker ceiling. A more exact examination shows the reinforcement (small yet regular anomalies). The waker reflection below is the bunker's floor.

GPR data interpretation results


Thus we obtained a simple answer. The concave shape of the ceiling indicates its fracture and settlement, different penetrability or size of a bank at bunker sides. What remains unknown is only the red area and strong signal inside at the ceiling level - this may be caused by metal elements.


GPR data processing


This example a strong signal is vivid on the left, even though the image was not processed. After a slight gaining, two other hyporbolas emerged.

GPR data processing


Hyperbola summation converts hyperbolas into points...

GPR data processing results


... then with another - Hilbert transformation, and colour swapping, a clear image can be seen.