The possibilities of applications of the GPR are much wider, and the areas discussed above constitute only an excellent example of universality of applications of the GPR method.

Localisation of leakages in houses

The below survey was carried out in an attic adapted to a flat. The old floor was covered with foil and a layer of sand as a sound insulation, and then is was covered with a levelling layer. The layer of sand (2 – 5 cm thick) was covered with pressed glass wool and two layers of OSB panels as a surface of the floor.

After a few months, a fragment of the floor was removed in order to fix a door frame and threshold. In addition, it turned out that the sand is completely wet!

The GPR survey, which lasted less than 30 minutes, permitted to establish the wet area (a strip running through the whole floor) and a probable source of leakage (before the removal of panels).