Roads and bridges

The GPR proves ideal in the surveys of ground in the building industry, for example during designing road reinforcements. The surveys help to determine the range, depth and density of embankments or alluvial deposits, as well as places of former foundations or technical infrastructure.

The GPR is also used to monitor the condition of already existing roadway surface and foundation without the necessity to shut down the road for the time of surveying. In addition, it considerably limits the number of boreholes or even make them unnecessary.

It is possible to mark zones of landslides, sink holes, krast caverns or weakened constructions, which may render road in danger of settling.
Surveys can also be carried out in order to determine the condition of substructure of tracks or even runways in airports.
The example beside shows the GPR reading of a roadway fragment, where only a fracture of asphalt layer was visible. The GPR showed that the concrete layer is also fractured. The reading was confirmed with a borehole.